Variety TOPAZ
Origin Various (Pakistan, Namibia, Russia, Afganistan)
Hardness 8
Composition Al2SiO4(F,OH)2
Crystaline sys. RHOMBIC
Size   Varios
Weight Varios

Topaz was chosen by the geologist Friedrich Mohs to represent grade 8 in his famous scale first published in 1825 and which is still valid today. Without doubt it is one of the great gems and a mineral that stands out in any collection due to the beauty, colour and size, sometimes of gigantic proportions, of its crystals. We have many topaz crystals in our collection. As a famous gemologist once said: "Topaz calls out to you and they are pleasing to hold in your hand." Indeed, this gem has a special touch. It is one of our favourite stones, and here we share some of them with you.

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